–2017– Special Offer of 4 Free Hardband Insulators

To celebrate the launch of our new website, we’re giving away 4 Postle Hardband Insulators with any new unit.

We want every hardband to be delivered to the highest quality.  This requires great hardbanding equipment, a quality wire like Duraband NC, and a sound procedure.  The slow cooling process is vital in achieving this, and you won’t find a better method than with the Postle Hardband Insulator.

The insulators are made from layers of stainless steel mesh and fiberglass insulation, with a silicone cover.  They provide excellent protection during the slow-cooling process in any conditions, as previously proven in the Siberian winter!

They are quickly and easily applied and removed, with heavy-duty Velcro straps.  There are 2 designs; a bag to fit tool joints and a wrap for centre wear pads on HWDP.  Also sold separately, please get in touch for more information.