Hardbanding Solutions Celebrate 10 Years of Working in Russia

Special Anniversary Marked with Gold Sponsorship at RDCR

2018 marks ten years since we made our first trip to Russia and Duraband NC was first used in the country.  Since then, the use of hardbanding has grown at a phenomenal rate, as the percentage of directional drilling has increased and protection of the drill string has become mandatory for many in the industry.  The number of local licensed facilities who apply Duraband NC has now grown to 17, by far the largest network of applicators for a hardband material in Russia.

Colin Duff speaking at Russian Drilling Contractors Roundtable

To mark our first decade in the country, Hardbanding Solutions have secured Gold Sponsorship at the Russian Drilling Contractors Roundtable event in Moscow this month.  We have been Silver-level sponsors every year since the first event in 2013, and are proud to support what we regard as the most important gathering of our industry professionals.  This year, Colin will deliver a 15 minute technical presentation on hardbanding, including the results of a recent drill-pipe owners survey we commissioned to gain a better understanding of the way drill pipe is ordered and maintained. 

 Here’s to the next 10 years!!