Automatic or manual? Factory or mobile?  We will build the perfect machine to suit your needs.

Choose the unit that works for you



With our Skye unit, everything you need is at the touch of a button:

Numbered, accurate and easy-to-use control of all functions

Control panel in your preferred language

PLC offering: full auto cycle control, auto chuck homing function, auto step-over, incremental over-run, number of bands (0-99), auto stop

Full manual control is also possible.



If you need a machine for a remote working environment, Harris is the one for you. There’s no automatic programming here, but the mechanical build of the unit means if something goes wrong, it can be put right with hand tools (as long as you don’t mind getting your hands dirty):

Stop and start the chuck, oscillator and weld individually

Position the welding torch by hand

Step-over by manually moving the carriage.

Easy and simple to fix


Mobile Unit

Designed to be used at the rig site or your customer’s yard

Built into a 20ft shipping container with access doors and hatches

Powered by a supplied diesel generator at a specification to suit your package

Hardbanding Equipment

Stationary Unit

Designed for factory use

Powered from your mains supply

Need any extras?

Our Products


Lift the drill pipe in and out of the hardband machine

All hardbanding units require one, so if you don’t have an existing system, we’ve produced one so you can lift your pipes effortlessly:

Two ball roller adjustable jacks

Additional third jack behind chuck for handling HWDP and Collars.

All controlled by levers at the welder’s fingertips

Our Products

Pre-Heat Equipment

Heating material before welding

We offer two options, with different levels of cost and efficiency:


We have designed ’Skye Heat’ for easy application and positioning over the tool joint or centre wear pad, to give a proper ‘soak’ heat.

2. Induction Heating Unit

This is the new technology, offering faster, deeper heating. Although initially more expensive to purchase, over the long term this unit works out less expensive than using Propane.


Plasma Removal System

Remove cracked or damaged hardbanding from tool joints

With this system you can:

Use the same chuck and weld box

Or add an additional chuck to the back of the unit, to allow plasma and hardbanding to be carried out simultaneously.