Hardbanding Solutions (Europe) Ltd has been the exclusive Technical Centre for U.S. based Postle Industries hardbanding and tool joint build up products since its inception in 2011.


These products include the hardbanding materials Duraband NC and Tuffband NC, as well as Hardband Build Up, Tool Joint Build Up and Ultraband NM, a hardbanding wire designed for application on non-magnetic collars.

Each of these core products is designed to be applied completely crack-free. Use of Duraband NC has grown year-on-year to become the most popular casing friendly hardband material in our industry.  As well as giving excellent tool joint and casing protection, the material can be applied and reapplied consistently, without ever causing a need to remove the previous layer.  It is NS-1 approved for initial application, and reapplication over itself and many competitive products.

Our journey with Postle products has been a resounding success, and we’ve helped save drill pipe owners highly significant sums of money on drill pipe maintenance.  We’re proud to work in partnership with our friends across the Atlantic, to offer complete and robust technical support to oil companies, drilling contractors, drill pipe rental organisations, and our vast and expanding family of licensed applicators.