Remove, Repair, and Re-Hardband in 35 Minutes with Skye

Our New Laboratory Tested Repair Procedure

The global growth in the use of Duraband NC to protect the drill string has been aided by our industry moving towards hardbanding products which do not crack.  Duraband NC can be applied and reapplied without cracks or defects, meaning the previous layer will never need to be removed.  However, we recognise that this is not the case with all products.  Some competitors materials suffer from cracks and porosity, particularly after reapplication, meaning the hard layer must be removed before any further application can take place.

Traditionally, this is a long, costly, and laborious process.  Several methods of removal have been used, but each have restrictive cost and/or time implications.  Now there is a new solution.  With the accuracy provided by our Skye torch positioning and PLC programming, we can use plasma to quickly remove a damaged hardband.


Changing the machine from plasma to weld for the repair and from repair to hardband takes only 90 seconds, and the entire job can be completed in under 35 minutes, without ever removing the drill pipe from the machine.  Completing the job in one heat cycle reduces the job time and cost significantly.

This procedure has been laboratory tested, and is designed for ‘field’ applications, when machining of the repaired tool joint before hardbanding is not possible.

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